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VitaMix - It Will Change Your Health!

We suggest that all our patients invest in a VitaMix.


Because we feel so strongly about the benefits you can get from using this blender in your everyday diet, that you can change your health for the better.

It’s an investment in your health. And when we purchased our first one several years ago, that’s what it was – an investment in our family’s health. To this day, we use it at least twice a day. Every morning we make our breakfast power smoothie in it, and every afternoon at lunch I make a green smoothie that is bursting with green nutrients.

We also make hummus, soups, purees and recovery drinks for after runs and rides.

What is a VitaMix?

It's an amazing machine. As they say, you can turn an old leather boot into dust using it. Not that we want you eating old leather boots, but you can put nearly any fruit, vegetable, seed, bean, grain or whatever into it and it will be liquefied.

The point is, you can make amazing homemade, completely natural foods with it.

Yes, it costs some money. But here’s the deal. The return benefits to your health will not even compare to the cost of the blender.

Using your blender will ensure that you eat healthier. Eating healthier will keep you from getting sick.

An Investment In Your Health

How much will you spend on prescription drugs, coffee, soda or junk foods this year? Stop and think about it – “disease care” is our number one expense.  If you can be healthier, ideally you won’t have to be on 10 different prescriptions drugs, you won’t be so tired that you have to spend $5 on a special coffee twice a day, and your cravings for junk foods will disappear. It’s a win win win.

Additionally, you’ll also save money over time making your own foods instead of store bought stuff. And the foods you can make at home are natural, healthy and of course no hidden ingredients – so you know exactly where your nutrition is coming from.

The VitaMix website has all kinds of recipes – everything you can imagine. Take a look and see what sparks your interest.

You can use this link to get free shipping on your Blender as well.  Be sure to look around their website for all their great ideas you can start on today, to ensure you become healthier for yourself and your family!

VitaMix to Home