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Prevention and Wellness Medicine

Prevention and wellness medicine isn't just about taking a few vitamins. Nor is it just talking about the things that we already know won't make us healthy (lack of exercise, smoking, drinking, etc.) Unfortunately, this is what most 'medical experts' consider 'wellness' - giving lip service to a few health pointers, but then offering you 3 different prescriptions for your symptoms.

Real prevention beyond talking about health, and taking action - using natural medicines that actually support the function of your body to keep it healthy. True health care means guiding you to stay healthy and taking care of illnesses before they get out of control.

Actually, “Health Care” in this country is more like “Disease Care”. The medical industry is set up to treat you, after you’ve become ill. Why wait for that to happen?We aren't against drugs and medicine - we just think that the number of prescriptions that people get put on can be a bit excessive, and this doesn't address the root cause of the health issue.

It is far more cost effective, not to mention easier, to learn how to stay healthy rather than just wait until you are sick. And the overwhelming majority of health problems in the United States are preventable, in that they are typically caused by diet and lifestyle.

Getting sick, and more directly, the resultant medical bills are the number one reason for financial bankruptcy in this country. Scary. It’s far less expensive to get regular checkups, eat well and exercise a bit.

We spend extra time with you teaching you how to stay healthy. Every visit is an hour which give us plenty of time to answer your questions. We will ask you about your diet. We will ask you about your exercise plan. No one likes taking pills, we understand. But the kind of pills we will have you take are healthy – not expensive, side effect-causing prescription medications.

And yes, if you are sick, we will of course take care of you at our Fort Collins clinic. That’s what we do! We just try to empower everyone to take an approach to their health using prevention and wellness. This is truly the best health care available! 

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