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Naturopathic Services We Offer

New Patient Visit; 60-75 minutes, $285

    A comprehensive intake and health evaluation with our doctors involves a complete medical history, current health concerns, review of your medical records, evaluation of all prescription, non-prescription medications, supplements and determination of additional lab testing, if necessary.

    Please bring all prescription medications, supplements/natural medicines, over the counter medications, and all recent lab work to your first appointment.

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Initial Follow up Visit; 45-60 minutes, $150

This is the initial follow up after our new patient visit for established patients. At this visit, lab results are reviewed and the main treatment plan is designed. 

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Additional Follow up Visits range from 15-30 minutes and are billed at $60 - $135 depending on time/complexity.

At follow up visits, we'll review your progress since the start of the initial treatment plan that was assigned at the prior Initial Follow up visit. During this visit we'll assess how your health is improving and revisit or revise the treatment plan as necessary to ensure you're on the right path to getting healthier.   We may suggest additional lifestyle changes at this time or we may add or subtract recommended treatments.

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Vitamin B-12 Injections

We now offer Vitamin B-12 injections!  B-12 is one of the most important vitamins in our body, overseeing a number of processes. Most importantly, it plays a key role in energy production.

B12 is only found in animal protein, and can be tough to absorb.  They're quick, easy and bypass the digestive tract, so you can start making the energy you need, now! 

Read more about them here.

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Weight Loss Program, $495

Our natural weight loss clinic utilizes a mild ketogenic diet to help you lose weight and teaches you to keep it off for good. We utilize the Transformations weight loss program to put your metabolism in ketosis (fat burning) so that fat loss occurs with ease. 

This program pays for itself in terms of reduced costly junk food intake, amazing gains in health, and in maintaining a sustainable approach to body weight that lasts the rest of your life, beyond the initial 5 weeks. 

*All new weight loss clinic patients must first undergo an initial new patient visit; this is so we can assess your labs and general health prior to starting on a weight loss regimen/diet. 

You can read more about the program here. 

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  Don't Forget - we can see you for colds, flus &
  sinus infections!

If you're feeling under the weather, and don't want to take antibiotics, come in and see us! We can use a natural approach and get you well, FAST.

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Complimentary 15-minute consultation

    This is complimentary visit, where you can meet and speak with one of our doctors for 15 minutes where you can discuss our naturopathic services. This way, both you and our doctors can decide if our services can be of benefit for you. If not we will refer you in the right direction.

    Please keep in mind this is consultation only; we cannot offer any type of treatment advice at this time.

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We have a variety of naturopathic services to choose from. Please don't hesitate to call our Fort Collins clinic if you have any questions! 

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