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Natural Sinus Remedies for Chronic Sinusitis

We use several natural sinus remedies to treat chronic sinusitis in our Fort Collins natural medicine clinic.

If you have chronic sinusitis, sure enough you’ve been to a bunch of doctors – taking dose after dose of antibiotics, and maybe even surgery – all for no improvement in your symptoms. It’s time to start using natural sinus remedies to end this cycle!

What's Wrong With The Standard Sinusitus Treatment?

It’s because there can be a lot more to treating sinusitis than just antibiotics. True, antibiotics can kill the bacteria that cause the occasional sinus infection. However, if you're a person who gets sinus infections frequently, or it's still there after you've taken antibiotics, it's time to look beyond drug treatment.

Natural sinus treatments go beyond just taking a pill and hoping it will go away.

If you don’t address other causative factors, sure enough you will be prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic with no relief.


Sinusitis is an infection of the cavities within our skull bones. (They are there for a number of good reasons, I assure you…) They can become easily infected because they provide a nice warm, damp, dark environment for the bugs to grow.

Let’s face it. Sometimes you just get sick, no matter what. The occasional sinus infection happens. However, bacteria can gain a seemingly permanent foothold in your sinuses, leading to chronic sinusitis if you do the following:

  • Eat a lot of sugar – sugar feeds bacteria and makes it harder for the immune system to do its job.

  • Eat food allergens - food allergens can cause mucosal tissue (the stuff in your sinuses) to swell, blocking their drainage and leading to infection.

  • Dairy – is a food sensitivity for some, others not. But dairy does increase mucus production, and if you’re prone to sinus infections or other congestion, it’s a good idea to stop eating dairy foods.

  • Have a high stress, low sleep lifestyle. Stress and lack of sleep are the two greatest daily insults to our health.

Natural Sinus Remedies

Working on these, and using other natural sinus therapies will help you to stop having chronic sinusitis. Just taking an antibiotic, or nasal rinse, won’t get rid of the pattern of chronic illness. You have to change the underlying terrain of your body so that it stops being a good place for infections to take hold!

If you’re tired of the antibiotics, headaches, congestion, cough, and unrelenting fatigue, come see us. We can treat you, and help you stop having chronic sinusitis using our natural sinus remedies.