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Natural Asthma Treatment
Find the Cause of Wheezing

Natural Asthma Treatment - Find The Cause

Asthma, wheezing, reactive airway disease, etc. Call them what you will, but these all have the same underlying cause - inflammation in the body that is centered in the lungs.

While conventional drugs are important for treating wheezing, identifying and treating the cause is even more important.

We try to find out WHY our patients have asthma, and then address is using natural therapies in our Fort Collins asthma relief clinic. These can decrease inflammation, and decrease how often, and how severe, a person's asthma is.

Ideally, the goal is to get rid of it by removing the cause.

There are a lot of causes for asthma. In many cases looking at the diet and food sensitivities is the first step. And as I said earlier, the root cause is always inflammation. Finding the cause of the inflammation is key.


Most people think of asthma as wheezing. But other there are other common symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty exercising (or just walking up stairs)
  • Fatigue
  • Lots of phlegm

Asthma can worsen at nighttime, in cold or damp weather, when pollen is in the air, or during exercise.

Case Studies - Natural Asthma Treatment

7-Year-old female

This little girl was recently adopted from China. Her new mom brought her because of her recent diagnosis of asthma. She had trouble playing, getting short of breath, and coughing every night. She also had problems with her digestion; several different foods gave her stomachaches.

(A strong predisposing cause for inflammatory conditions is something known as leaky gut. Digestive problems almost always signify a leaky gut condition. We often say that the root of health starts in the gut; the same can be said of disease as well)

The first thing we did was a food sensitivity test. Food sensitivities, as mentioned before, are a common reason for asthma and other allergic conditions. Her test came back with 2 highly reactive foods; wheat and eggs.

We had her mom exclude both wheat and eggs from her diet, and then had her start taking a specific formula for repairing the gut lining (to treat leaky gut).

The patient and her mom followed up 6 weeks later, reporting that she was virtually symptom free, including the stomach pain she was having. Natural asthma treatments are often straightforward - they get to the cause. The plan was to continue to have her exclude wheat and eggs from her diet for at least another 6-9 months to make sure her sensitivities didn't flare again.

34-year-old female

This person came in complaining of shortness of breath while running. She was finishing up a graduate school degree and had been under a lot of stress the last several years. She had recently started running again for stress relief, after several years' hiatus. Despite having adequate fitness, her runs were becoming harder and harder. After seeing her doctor, she was prescribed an asthma inhaler. Despite using the inhaler, she didn't notice a change in her symptoms.

We spent a lot of time discussing her diet, lifestyle and stress levels. She was extremely fatigued and under continuous stress. She was also having a very hard time waking up in the morning, craving a lot of sugar and caffeine, and her hair seemed to be thinning as well. She was absolutely fatigued, yet trying to run to relieve her stress, which seemed to be backfiring on her.

Because of this and her other symptoms, we decided to look at her adrenal function and assess her for adrenal fatigue. Once her labs confirmed that she did in fact have adrenal fatigue, I started her on several natural therapies to support her adrenals, and had her switch from running to a less intense form of exercise so her body could cope with the rest of the stress she was under.

We followed up 2 more times; each visit she reported that her wheezing had decreased to the point where she didn't notice it any more. She was a good case of adrenal fatigue leading to deficiency in other parts of the body, namely her lungs.


These are just a few examples of natural asthma treatment. Just giving inhalers for asthma is missing the mark - You've got to find out what is causing the asthma first, and then treat it. If you're not addressing the true root cause of your asthma, please come in to our Fort Collins clinic for natural asthma treatment.

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