Fort Collins Functional Dietitian
Kris Ball, RD 

Fort Collins dietitian Kris Ball, RD has been in practice for 17 years and specializes in functional nutrition. This entails more than just telling what foods to eat, and which to avoid.  

Having counseled and guided hundreds of people of all ages, She understands that developing a health lifestyle doesn't happen overnight. Kris’ ultimate goal for her clients is to help them find the healthy eating plan that works for them as individuals, so they can reach their health goals.

How Functional Dietitians are Different

Functional dietitians take a deeper look at how foods affect your body - a supposedly "healthy" food may not be right for you and your particular health issues. 

Some clients may need additional testing to find out the root cause of certain issues. Symptoms like achy joints, headaches, gut problems, skin changes, difficulty losing weight or obesity - she offers detailed testing to help discover their source. 

Kris often utilizes food sensitivity testing and gut health assessments to further identify causes of symptoms. Combined with follow up and counseling, these tests can help reveal the food sensitivities or allergies that may be causing those individual symptoms and get you on track to feeling better.

This is an ideal way to approach dietary changes - armed with information about how the foods you eat actually affect your system can help narrow down what's really important when it comes to making educated dietary changes.  It's not just about the food you eat, but how your body processes it. 

Working with Kris, you don't need to worry about starvation diets, strange pill combinations, or worrisome-sounding procedures. She’ll guide you with the facts and information so you can make the right decisions around food. And, she makes it easy to stick to those decisions with her guidance.

Kris is ready to help you whether it’s working within dietary restrictions, knowledge to make better choices, or eliminating unhealthy food cravings with one small change at a time.


Kris earned her undergraduate degree from Colorado State University and completed her internship at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in the Chicago area. 

Additionally Kris is a mom of three, a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor - she is the epitome of practicing what you preach!

Her goal is to help people of all ages live the best and healthiest lives they can.  She's ready to help you on your journey toward living a more healthful life. 

She's currently accepting new patients and is also available for complimentary 15-minute consultations so you can sit down and decide together if she's the right dietitian for you.

Call 970-237-1062 to book an appointment with Kris now!