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Natural Cold and Flu Treatment

Cold and Flu are best treated naturally. Both illnesses are caused by viruses, to which antibiotics don’t work. Antibiotics only kill bacteria, and the problem is that 90% of winter illnesses (colds, cough, flu, sinusitis, etc) are caused by viruses.

What does that leave you with in terms of prescription medication? Not much.

Over the counter medications only serve to stop your symptoms…they don’t do anything to help your body get rid of the virus. Your body makes the symptoms to get you well; taking over the counter medications will only confound your body and make it harder for it to beat a viral illness.

Antibiotics don’t boost your immune system, and they can’t kill viruses. However, there are a number of natural techniques to get rid of flu, coughs and cold...rapidly.

Naturopathic medicine uses several botanical medicines to get the bugs out of your body. Botanicals do two things to help you get better; they kill viruses and bacteria, and they boost your immune system.

Boosting your immune system will help it to be more aggressive in ridding your body of the nasty winter bugs that make you sick.

And, if you’re getting sick several times a year, your immune system needs support. Frequent illnesses are NOT due to an antibiotic deficiency! Your immune system needs more support through nutrition, lifestyle and natural medicines.

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