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Vitamin B12 Injections

We’re now offering B12 injections!

One of the most important vitamins to your health and wellbeing is B12.  Deficiency can lead to several symptoms because it’s so heavily utilized throughout the body. 

B12 is especially important for energy production in every cell of the body.  Additionally, the hormone system, brain function, mood, memory and immune system all rely heavily on adequate amounts of B12 for proper function.

Download your B12 Injection Intake/Consent Form here.

Why Do I Need A B12 Injection? Doesn’t My Diet Provide Enough?

B12 is found primary in animal products, specifically protein (meats).  Not everyone eats a lot of meat, so it’s actually pretty easy for someone who eats a regular, healthy diet to run low on B12. 

Also, B12 is absorbed in the GI tract via a relatively complicated process.  Several factors (high stress, elevated cortisol, poor digestion, digestive disorders, prescription medications, etc) can impede absorption of B12. 

The same holds true for B12 supplements; they still have to be absorbed in the GI tract. 

For these reasons, B12 injections are an easy, efficient way to ensure you’re getting all the B12 your body needs. 

Everyone can benefit from B12 injections. Namely, people with busy, high stress lives, athletes, seniors, vegans/vegetarians, and people taking prescription medications are the most ‘at risk’ for B12 deficiency. 

What’s It Like?

It’s simple! You’ll be in and out of the office in 5 minutes.  The injection is in your upper outer arm (shoulder - deltoid muscle) and is fast and pretty much painless.  The B12 doesn’t sting or burn either. 

Many people report a nice, natural (non-jittery) boost in energy after receiving the injection.  Sometimes, a person may need a series of shots (one a week) to realize the full benefits. 

That’s it!  No special testing or procedures.  We even have reduced rates for the B12 injections during our Friday afternoon “happy hour”.  

How Do You Know If You’re Low in B12?

Oftentimes, doctors will run a blood test checking for B12 levels.  Unfortunately this doesn’t tell us anything about how much B12 your cells actually need - all the effects of B12 take place inside of the cell, so checking blood levels doesn’t provide any insight. 

There are more detailed tests we can use to check on intracellular (inside the cells) levels of micronutrients - we often look at the comprehensive intracellular micronutrient analysis by Spectracell for all nutrients, or more specific tests like methylmalonic acid, MTHFR genetic polymorphism analysis, homocysteine and a CBC. 

However, sometimes it’s easiest to assess if you have the above symptoms, try a few of the injections, and then see if your symptoms resolve. Since the injections have hardly any side effects and no known toxicity, it’s worth a try, don’t you think? 

So How Can You Get A B12 Shot?

Dr. Holly German offers high quality vitamin B12 (methyl or hydroxycobalamin) injections at our office.  

Please give us a call to make an appointment - shots are $25. 

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