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Optimizing Performance

Optimizing performance through the use of targeted nutrition and specific supplementation is one of our main goals. We offer several clinical programs for active and athletic people, targeting specific areas that need improvement.

Optimizing performance can be accomplished through several of our programs:

Diet and Nutrition
When and what you eat is vital to your performance. Timing the intake of the correct fuels in relation to your training and racing schedule makes a huge difference.

Smart Supplementation Plan
Are you confused about supplements? We have an intimate knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We’ve done the research for you. Don’t spend money on junk supplements sold by someone who knows nothing about them or how they work for athletes.

Fatigue and Energy
Exhausted? No get up and go? There are numerous reasons for this. Finding the cause of fatigue is the first step in correcting, rather than just guessing. Are you overtrained? Are you anemic? Is it normal? We work to find the cause, and correct it so you can get back to feeling your best.

Exercise performance & Recovery
This is the big one! A comprehensive review of how each major body system is working can provide insight into your weak link(s). Balancing each system will optimize performance in several ways.

Immune system boosting (illness prevention/recovery)
Heavy exercise can suppress immune function. Athletes are most commonly susceptible to upper respiratory infections and stomach bugs. We can boost immune function and decrease your chances of getting sick and speeding recovery.

Hormone Health (Men & Women)
Athletes are also prone to hormone imbalance, regardless of age. Hormones are the ‘fountain of youth’ and when imbalanced symptoms can have a negative affect on performance and quality of life.

Tendon, Ligament & Cartilage Strength
Connective tissue is commonly injured and or weakened in athletes. We use prolotherapy to repair these tissues so you can avoid surgery or loss of function. See our page on prolotherapy.

Fracture prevention & healing
Overtraining, inadequate diet and hormone imbalance can all weaken bone. This program focuses on keeping your bones healthy for the long run…and ride…and climb, etc.

Often considered illusive, we’ve got the answers for cramps. After a comprehensive health evaluation, we can often pin down the source and prevent them from occurring.

Got hay fever? Having allergies means more mucus production that can make you more susceptible to catching more bugs. Get it stopped naturally without the drugs that make you feel dopey.

Nutrition and diet play a huge role in asthma, which is extremely common in athletes. Finding the cause and removing it will allow the lungs to function with increased efficiency.

Adrenal Support
The adrenal glands can become overworked and stop functioning normally. They are responsible for the production of several important hormones that contribute to performance and general wellness. When the adrenal glands are fatigued, one can become chronically ill and fatigued.

Gastrointestinal problems
The plague of many athletes in and out of competition. There’s more to stomach problems than antacids! In fact, those will make it worse. There are many factors at play in the gut that affect it’s health. Don’t let digestive complaints hold you back from achieving your goals.

Optimizing performance is a concept that can be addressed through a number of different ways. Identifying and treating the causes of health conditions is the first step in improving your health and performance.

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