Conditions Treated with Natural Medicine

These are the most common conditions treated with natural medicine at our Fort Collins clinic. However, they aren't the only ones. Click on each heading to learn how they are addressed; feel free to contact us to find out if we can help!

Adrenal Fatigue
-Is the result of inadequate levels of adrenal hormones often caused by intense, prolonged stress or serious illness.

Altitude Sickness
-Occurs when a person's body struggles to adapt to high altitude.

Anti Inflammatory Diet
-Learn about the anti-inflammatory diet and how it can help you.

-Is the result of inflammation localized in the lungs.

Bloating & Cramping
-Are typically the result of inefficient digestion.

Children's Health
-There's more to children's health than vaccinations!

Natural Cholesterol Lowering
-We use a combination of techniques to lower cholesterol naturally.

Chronic sinusitis
-Responds well when using natural sinus remedies.

Colds and Flu
-Are not a sign of an antibiotic deficiency! Boost your immune system with natural therapies.

-Is caused by incomplete digestion and other factors.

Whole Body Cleanse & Natural Detox
-We offer a medically supervised cleanse and detoxification process that is the real deal.

-We offer natural depression treatment for mild to moderate depression.

-Type 2 diabetes is reversible with our natural diabetes treatment.

Eczema & Skin Conditions
-Eczema remedies are more than just topical creams!

Fatigue Causes
-There are several hidden causes of fatigue.

Food Allergies
-Can be the hidden cause for a number of health problems. Get tested today.

Foot Problems
-Find out the real cause of so many foot problems.

High Blood Pressure
-Lower your blood pressure naturally.

Digestion Problems
-Are typically the result of foods, stress and other lifestyle factors.

Insomnia & Sleep Problems
-There are many reasons for poor sleep; just taking a sedative doesn't address the cause.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
-Is typically caused by food sensitivities and other digestive problems.

Joint Pain
-Did you know that ibuprofen impairs joint healing? Take a look at our natural joint pain relief.

Men's Health
-Men's health problems can be treated naturally.

-Get natural migraine relief at our clinic.

Prevention and Wellness
-We provide real health care, not 'disease care'.

-Acid reflux natural remedies treat the actual cause of reflux!

Statin Drug Alternatives
-There are natural alternatives to statin drugs.

Sports Medicine
-There's more to sports medicine than ibuprofen!

Thyroid Problems
-Do you suspect thyroid problems, but your doctor says you are fine?

Women's Health
-Women's hormone balance is important throughout her life.

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