Fort Collins Naturopathic Doctor
Jennifer Markham, ND Biography

We understand where we are going, if first we understand where we have been. 

My own journey toward health began over a decade ago when my own health was suffering and my quality of life was hindered.  I was scared to think of what my life was going to look like in 10 years if I couldn’t find out what was causing these problems.  I had always eaten well and been active, so why was I still suffering?  Like a detective, I wanted to find the culprit so that I could take back my life.

I committed myself to the mission of finding the answers.  I was 25 years old, searching fervently, when I discovered naturopathy as a profession.  The years that followed were aimed at restoring my own health and thus allowing me to support and empower others to achieve optimal health and well-being.  I learned more than I ever thought possible and within time I renewed my vitality, my health, and my love of life!   

I completed my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.  I was trained in Biotherapeutic Drainage, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Herbalism, Hydrotherapy, Gemstone Therapies, Applied Kinesiology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, as well as Mind-Body medicine.  Through these many modalities I have found true health and wellbeing.  I am passionate about helping others achieve their optimal, innate right to health and happiness through a proactive four seasons approach!

Now I wholeheartedly participate in the areas of life that matter to me most. People whom I love and the activities that empower my soul, like hiking, rock climbing, yoga, and spending time with friends and family keeps me centered as I continue my own journey and guide others to discovering great health. 

Here are some, but not all, the conditions that I specialize in:

Autoimmune & chronic diseases:
-Rheumatoid arthritis
-Lyme disease
-Type 2 diabetes

Pain management
-Joint pain
-Nerve pain

Weight management/loss

Women’s Health & Infertility

-Food allergies
-Seasonal allergies

Digestive issues
-Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
-Irritable bowel disease (Chrohn's, ulcerative colitis)
-Reflux, heartburn, indigestion

Insomnia & sleep issues

Anti-aging/Healthy aging